We are glad to announce that DataHub users can now have private datasets so that only authorized users can view it. This is especially useful when you want to restrict access to your data. Please, take a look at our membership plans to see which users can have private data:


How to publish private datasets?

You can use either the command line tool or the “Data” desktop app. Please, visit our download page to find out more about available tools:


Publish using the “Data” app

Once you are ready to publish your data, just select “private” option and then press “Go” button:

Learn more about using the “Data” app here.

Publish using the command line tool

Simply pass --private flag when you “push” your data so once it is processed and online only you can view it:

$ data push myData --private

Learn more about how to publish datasets using the CLI here.

If you have questions, comments or feedback join our chat channel or open an issue on our tracker.