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  • List of schools from Edubase

    About From [information source] page at showusabetterway.co.uk: A list of schools from Edubase. The data is in Excel format and contains a list of the schools, the address, the...
  • UK Schools Information

    Discussed at Workshop on Public Information, 2008-11-02. For addresses/postcodes, see Educause list of schools. Other information - e.g. from OFSTED, on performance, general...
  • Scenic or Not data

    About Matthew’s just updated ScenicOrNot, the little game that we built to provide a ‘Scenicness’ dataset for Mapumental, to include a data dump of the raw data. The dump will...
  • UK River Levels

    The river levels for the UK. This is data that is scraped daily from the Department of the Environment website and converted into a csv file....
  • Every Quango in Britain

    About Did you know there are nearly 1,200 unelected bodies with power over our lives? This is the full list, complete with number of staff and how much they cost. As a...
  • Ukradena vozila

    Aquest conjunt de dades no té descripció

  • UK Postcode to Shape data

    Discussed at Workshop on Public Information, 2008-11-02. Postcode to shape data.
  • UK Public Sector Finance Statistics

    About From website: The Public Finances Databank is a compilation of published data covering the main aspects of the Government Finances including receipts, expenditure,...
  • UK Public Bodies

    Looking for a list of all UK public bodies, including but not limited to: Departments Agencies Non-departmental public bodies Local...
  • UK Postcodes Popular

    Linked data for every UK Postcode. License Content is licensed under the OS OpenData License
  • UK Postboxes Popular

    About 116088 postboxes in the UK. Converted to Tab Separated Values (TSV) format. http://edwardbetts.com/postboxes/postboxes.tsv Original PDF versions were published...
  • UK Political Shift

    UK Political Shift since 1841. Data taken from WikiPedia and cleaned up in Google Spreadsheets.
  • UK Planning Applications

    Discussed at Workshop on Public Information, 2008-11-02. Apparently UK planning applications data is available for purchase. See also Planning Alerts.
  • UK Police Area and Station Locations

    Discussed at Workshop on Public Information, 2008-11-02. In discussion someone suggested postcodes for police stations and other facilities may be available from the National...
  • UK Pollution

    Discussed at Workshop on Public Information, 2008-11-02.
  • The Places Database

    About From website: The Places Database provides access to a broad range of statistical data and information at several geographic levels across England (e.g. Cities, City...
  • ukpmc

    Open Access full-text life science research articles in XML. About 400,000 of them. Updated with new content every week.
  • UK Noise Pollution Data

    Discussed at Workshop on Public Information, 2008-11-02.
  • uk-ons-an-mort-dementia

    This is a reformatting of the UK ONS annual mortality data 2010
  • UK National Lottery Grants

    About From website: The search feature allows you to search for Lottery grant information using certain criteria which are: by good cause area; by...
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