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  • ukpmc

    Open Access full-text life science research articles in XML. About 400,000 of them. Updated with new content every week.
  • UK Noise Pollution Data

    Discussed at Workshop on Public Information, 2008-11-02.
  • uk-ons-an-mort-dementia

    This is a reformatting of the UK ONS annual mortality data 2010
  • UK National Lottery Grants

    About From website: The search feature allows you to search for Lottery grant information using certain criteria which are: by good cause area; by...
  • UK National Income

    The income is given for years 1946 to 2009. The income is aggregated in 10 different ways: Compensation of employees Gross operating surplus of corporations...
  • UK National Gallery Data

    Various RDF datasets from the National Gallery. Some appear to be under an original-BSD-style licence, which I believe amounts to an attribution licence.
  • UK Mortgage Approvals

    UK Mortgage Approvals Data from the Bank of England Monthly Data Contains both the seasonally adjusted and non-seasonally adjusted series. Monthly number of total sterling...
  • UK - Metropolitan Police Priorities

    About One of the things we have been taking a look at is police priorities across London, as set by local people. Under the Safer Neighbourhoods scheme, each council ward has a...
  • Land surface climate station records

    The data downloadable from this page are a subset of the full HadCRUT3 record of global temperatures, which is one of the global temperature records that have underpinned IPCC...
  • UK Met Office - HadCRUT3 dataset

    About From the website: HadCRUT3 is a gridded dataset of global historical surface temperature anomalies. Data are available for each month since January 1850, on a 5 degree...
  • Locating Postboxes Popular

    About From website: Help locate unlocated postboxes – the Royal Mail supplied a list of every postbox’s location, but unfortunately, it did not have useful co-ordinates, only...
  • UK median house price to income ratio district

    CLG Table Table 577 Housing market: ratio of median house price to median earnings by district, from 19971-6 Based on the Survey of Annual Hours and Earnings
  • UK Listed Buildings

    Discussed at Workshop on Public Information, 2008-11-02. Someone mentioned that a database of Listed Buildings may be obtainable from English Heritage.
  • UK - Local Spending Report

    A Brief Introduction to Local Spending UK local spending report launched in April 2009. It shows local authority out-turn spending for 2006-07. There is an explanation of the...
  • List of all UK local authorities

    About Complete list of all UK local authorities with web URLs. Openness/re-use Public domain. Notes Currently out of date since local government reorganisation on 1 Apr...
  • UK Licensed Premises

    Discussed at Workshop on Public Information, 2008-11-02. Listings and address/postcodes of licensed premises.
  • UK Local Education Authority Locations Popular

    Discussed at Workshop on Public Information, 2008-11-02. List of Local Education Authorities (LEAs) and corresponding locations.
  • Basic Onshore Well Data

    Aquest conjunt de dades no té descripció

  • UK Legislation Popular

    API access to UK primary and secondary legislation. The API provides access to legislation from the UK Statute Law Database and the OPSI website in HTML, XML and RDF formats....
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