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  • The Places Database

    About From website: The Places Database provides access to a broad range of statistical data and information at several geographic levels across England (e.g. Cities, City...
  • ukpmc

    Open Access full-text life science research articles in XML. About 400,000 of them. Updated with new content every week.
  • UK Noise Pollution Data

    Discussed at Workshop on Public Information, 2008-11-02.
  • uk-ons-an-mort-dementia

    This is a reformatting of the UK ONS annual mortality data 2010
  • UK National Lottery Grants

    About From website: The search feature allows you to search for Lottery grant information using certain criteria which are: by good cause area; by...
  • UK National Income

    The income is given for years 1946 to 2009. The income is aggregated in 10 different ways: Compensation of employees Gross operating surplus of corporations...
  • UK National Gallery Data

    Various RDF datasets from the National Gallery. Some appear to be under an original-BSD-style licence, which I believe amounts to an attribution licence.
  • UK Mortgage Approvals

    UK Mortgage Approvals Data from the Bank of England Monthly Data Contains both the seasonally adjusted and non-seasonally adjusted series. Monthly number of total sterling...
  • UK - Metropolitan Police Priorities

    About One of the things we have been taking a look at is police priorities across London, as set by local people. Under the Safer Neighbourhoods scheme, each council ward has a...
  • Land surface climate station records

    The data downloadable from this page are a subset of the full HadCRUT3 record of global temperatures, which is one of the global temperature records that have underpinned IPCC...
  • UK Met Office - HadCRUT3 dataset

    About From the website: HadCRUT3 is a gridded dataset of global historical surface temperature anomalies. Data are available for each month since January 1850, on a 5 degree...
  • Locating Postboxes Populární

    About From website: Help locate unlocated postboxes – the Royal Mail supplied a list of every postbox’s location, but unfortunately, it did not have useful co-ordinates, only...
  • UK median house price to income ratio district

    CLG Table Table 577 Housing market: ratio of median house price to median earnings by district, from 19971-6 Based on the Survey of Annual Hours and Earnings
  • UK Listed Buildings

    Discussed at Workshop on Public Information, 2008-11-02. Someone mentioned that a database of Listed Buildings may be obtainable from English Heritage.
  • UK - Local Spending Report

    A Brief Introduction to Local Spending UK local spending report launched in April 2009. It shows local authority out-turn spending for 2006-07. There is an explanation of the...
  • List of all UK local authorities

    About Complete list of all UK local authorities with web URLs. Openness/re-use Public domain. Notes Currently out of date since local government reorganisation on 1 Apr...
  • UK Licensed Premises

    Discussed at Workshop on Public Information, 2008-11-02. Listings and address/postcodes of licensed premises.
  • UK Local Education Authority Locations Populární

    Discussed at Workshop on Public Information, 2008-11-02. List of Local Education Authorities (LEAs) and corresponding locations.
  • Basic Onshore Well Data

    Tento dataset nemá uveden žádný popis

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