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DBTune.org Artists: Last.fm


This service provides an RDF representation of music artists and their similar artists based on the Last.fm API. Responses are linked with identifiers from package:bbc-music as well as with package:dbtune-musicbrainz.

RDF representations are designed using the Music Ontology and MuSim the music similarity ontology.


The size and link statistics are wild guesses. Googling for Last.fm artist pages yields ~5M results. We assume that each one has ~50 triples and one outlink each to package:dbtune-musicbrainz and package:bbc-music.

Daten und Ressourcen

Zusätzliche Informationen

Feld Wert
Quelle http://dbtune.org/artists/last-fm/
Autor Kurt Jacobson
links:bbc-music 5000000
links:dbtune-musicbrainz 5000000
namespace http://dbtune.org/artists/last-fm/
shortname Last.FM artists (DBtune)
triples 250000000