We want to make data better, together.

Adam Kariv (@adam.kariv) Rufus Pollock (@rufuspollock)

For over a decade we’ve been creating tools and applications for data. We built CKAN, the world’s leading data portal platform that powers sites like data.gov and data.gov.uk. We’ve worked for companies and organizations like Google. We’ve helped create the open data movement from the ground up.

Our work on the DataHub is the culmination of everything we’ve done so far, and the distillation of everything we’ve learnt.

DataHub and its tooling represents our vision for a next generation platform for data management and automation. A platform that transforms your ability to create and use quality data. The result for you or your organization: dramatic improvements in ease, speed and reliability.

Ultimately, we want to revolutionize how we work with data as a community, making it dramatically faster, easier and better to turn data into insight.

And to do we are building a thriving, sustainable business that treats its members, users and community, fairly, transparently and with integrity.

About the Founders

Rufus is an entrepeneur and technologist who has worked on open data and data systems for over fifteen years with governments, businesses and non-profits all over the world. He is Founder and President of Open Knowledge, Founder of Datopian and an Ashoka and Shuttleworth Fellow. He studied Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, going on to obtain a PhD in Economics and become a research fellow.

Adam is an experienced technologist and open data activist, with over 25 years of experience in a wide range of areas from embedded systems, mobile applications, scalable services to big data analysis and UI design. He studied Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has worked and consulted at Google and a variety of Israeli start-up companies as a CTO, Software Architect and platform specialist.

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