data is the command-line tool to prepare, push and get data. With data you will be able to:

  • Push data online
  • Get data from online sources
  • Get information about particular data files and datasets both locally and remotely including those on the DataHub
  • Validate your data to ensure its quality


You can see the latest commands and get help by doing:

data help


Putting data online is one command: push.


Note: by default, findability flag for your dataset is set to unlisted, meaning nobody else is able to see it, except you. Use published flag to make it publicly available

data push [FILE-or-DATA-PACKAGE-PATH] --published

Login before pushing: you will need to login (or signup) before pushing:

data login

This will carry out login / signup entirely from the command line.

If you have questions, comments or feedback join our chat channel or open an issue on our tracker.