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  • Organize for the Wash

    As you prepare for the approaching event, be sure to double check your list of items and people to contact. Nothing is worse than when items and people are missing! Help your...
  • organizatori

    Spisak organizatora obrazovanja Republika Srpska
  • org

    Este conjunto de datos no tiene una descripción

  • Oregon Expenditure Data

    Oregon State expenses for fiscal years 2009-2011
  • Ordnance Survey Linked Data Popular

    See also package:ordnance_survey. Published data Geographical data about England, Wales, and Scotland Provides identifiers for counties, cities, wards,...
  • Ordnance Survey Boundary Line

    About Boundary-Line is a specialist 1:10 000 scale boundaries dataset. It contains all levels of electoral and administrative boundaries, from district, wards and civil parishes...
  • Searching For Information About Fitness? Look Below!

    Beginning a solid fitness routine and staying motivated to do it can actually be easy. Here is some fitness advice to help you reach your goals. rowing machines review When it...
  • Ordnance Survey OpenData

    MiniScale® Data type: Raster Supply format: TIFF [LZW] Great Britain [304 MB] 1:250 000 Scale Colour Raster Data type: Raster...
  • Optimal Unbiased Networked-Filtering for Linear Time-Variant System with Fini...

    In networked environments, data packet transmission time-delays, packet dropouts and packet disorder are always inevitable due to bandwidth constraints. This paper mainly...
  • Optimum Stimulation Level Theory: A Literature Review

    Optimum stimulation level theory (OSLT) is a fairly influential theory with strong explanatory power. It establishes the relationships between individuals’ physio-psychological...
  • Oportunidades

    Programa oportunidades
  • Open Wetware

    About OpenWetWare is an effort to promote the sharing of information, know-how, and wisdom among researchers and groups who are working in biology & biological engineering....
  • OpenVocab

    About From website OpenVocab is a community maintained vocabulary intended for use on the Semantic Web OpenVocab is ideal for properties and classes that don't warrant the...
  • OpenURL Router Data (EDINA)

    EDINA is making the OpenURL Router Data available from April 2011. It is derived from the logs of the OpenURL Router, which directs user requests for academic papers to the...
  • OpenTox

    Open Project in toxicology, making available via a RDF/REST mashup toxicological data and predictive toxicology methods. Data is available under various, including Open, licenses.
  • OpenUpLabs Datasets

    Lead-Package for all openuplabs datasets.
  • Openthesis

    From the website: OpenThesis is a free repository of theses, dissertations, and other academic documents, coupled with powerful search, organization, and collaboration...
  • Open Text Book

    "Open Text Book is a registry of textbooks and text book material that is open in accordance with the Open Knowledge Definition (OKD)."
  • Open TG-GATEs

    Este conjunto de datos no tiene una descripción

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