Orthology and Diseases Information - OGO

The OGOLOD system, an extension of the OGO Knowledge Base, publishes ortholog/diseases information using Linked Data. This gives the scientists the ability to query the structured information in connection with other Linked Data and to discover new information in the cloud, related to orthologs and human diseases.

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Mező Érték
Forrás http://miuras.inf.um.es/~ogo/ogolod.html
Szerző José Antonio Miñarro Gimenez and Mikel Egaña Aranguren
Karbantartó Boris Villazón-Terrazas
Verzió 0.1
links:bio2rdf-chebi 3456570
links:bio2rdf-omim 18141
namespace http:miuras.inf.um.es/ogolod/resource/Gene/67440
triples 38035102