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  • Protein-protein interaction

    A structured controlled vocabulary for the annotation of experiments concerned with protein-protein interactions. Developed by the HUPO Proteomics Standards Initiative.
  • MaHCO - An MHC Ontology

    The MaHCO contains terms necessary for describing and categorizing concepts related to MHC, in general, and for a number of model species, and also for humans.
  • Emotion Ontology

    An ontology of affective phenomena such as emotions, moods, appraisals and subjective feelings, designed to support interdisciplinary research by providing unified annotations....
  • Medaka fish anatomy and development

    A structured controlled vocabulary of the anatomy and development of the Japanese medaka fish, Oryzias latipes.
  • Mental Functioning Ontology

    The Mental Functioning Ontology is an ontology for mental functioning, including mental processes such as cognition and traits such as intelligence, and related diseases and...
  • MESH Thesaurus (OWL version)

    Medical Subjects Headings Thesaurus 2012, OWL version
  • MeGO

    bacteriophage and plasmid reproduction and maintenance processes
  • MedlinePlus Health Topics

    MedlinePlus Health Topics;National Library of Medicine;June 14, 2008;Bethesda, MD
  • MedDRA

    Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities Terminology (MedDRA)
  • Master Drug Data Base

    Master Drug Data Base, 2009_08_05
  • MIxS Controlled Vocabularies

    Controlled vocabularies for the MIxS family of metadata checklists. See http://gensc.org/gc_wiki/index.php/MIxS for details on the MIxS checklists.
  • Cell line ontology

    Cell lines are key experimental models to understand protein interactions and signaling pathways. With a large pool of such data coming from different cell lines of different...
  • Cell line ontology

    Ontologies provide a common platform of controlled vocabulary for researchers who need to share information across a particular domain, inclusive of machine-interpretable...
  • Breast tissue cell lines

    Contains a comprehensive list of cell lines derived from breast tissue, both normal and pathological. The ontology in built in OWL with cross relation to classes- genetic...
  • Minimal anatomical terminology

    Minimal set of terms for anatomy
  • Multiple alignment

    An ontology for data retrieval and exchange in the fields of multiple DNA/RNA alignment, protein sequence and protein structure alignment.
  • Mouse adult gross anatomy

    A structured controlled vocabulary of the adult anatomy of the mouse (Mus).
  • Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes

    Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes (LOINC);Version 2.26;January 2, 2009
  • Lipid Ontology

    Lipid research is increasingly integrated within systems level biology such as lipidomics where lipid classification is required before appropriate annotation of chemical...
  • Loggerhead nesting

    A demonstration of ontology construction as a general technique for coding ethograms and other descriptions of behavior into machine understandable forms. An ontology for...
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