OpenCorporates - The Open Database Of The Corporate World

Open Database of corporate entities. As of 2011-04-09 has information on 7,841,828 companies from around the world. Jurisdictions covered include:

  • 41,292 Bermuda
  • 3,886,733 United Kingdom
  • 96,104 Gibraltar
  • 105,640 Isle of Man
  • 77,693 Iceland
  • 60,827 Jersey
  • 92,795 Luxembourg
  • 2,188,873 Netherlands
  • 97,653 Alaska (US)
  • 197,798 District of Columbia (US)
  • 996,420 Michigan (US)

There is good API access but currently but no bulk availablitity.


See . However, should note that most data in OpenCorporates is scraped from elsewhere so this license only covers the 'IP' that OpenCorporates has obtained as a result of their efforts (and license of original databases, e.g. Companies House in the UK, is unclear).

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