9.668 dataset trovati

  • Wikimedia VisualEditor

    This dataset includes open data from the Wikimedia Foundation's VisualEditor project. Unless otherwise specified, all data is released in the public domain.
  • Wikinews

    "We are a group of volunteers whose mission is to present reliable, unbiased, relevant and entertaining News. All content is released under a free license. By making our...
  • Wikimedia Commons Paintings

    An index of the paintings available on Wikimedia Commons.
  • Wikimedia Commons

    Wikimedia Commons is a media file repository making available public domain and freely-licensed educational media content (images, sound and video clips) to everyone, in their...
  • Wikimedia Commons Popolare

    Over 2 million freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute
  • Wikileaks

    About From Wikipedia: Wikileaks is a website that publishes anonymous submissions and leaks of sensitive governmental, corporate, organizational, or religious documents, while...
  • Wikibooks

    "Welcome to Wikibooks, a Wikimedia project that was started on July 10, 2003 with the mission to create a free collection of open-content textbooks that anyone can edit."
  • City of Wiesbaden

    Questo dataset non ha una descrizione

  • Wifi Hotspots NYC

    Wifi hotspots in NYC.
  • wifi baleares

    Wifi Baleares Red Internet Wifi en Baleares En Wifi Baleares Somos Especialistas en llevar Internet de banda ancha a Zonas Difíciles donde otros operadores no llegan o la...
  • Who Comments

    About Who Comments? is the UK's only free to use biographical database of comment journalism: the opinions of commentators and columnists who write regularly for the national...
  • International Classification of Diseases (ICD)

    From home page: ICD-10 was endorsed by the Forty-third World Health Assembly in May 1990 and came into use in WHO Member States as from 1994. The classification is the latest...
  • WHO Global Price Reporting Mechanism

    Global Price Reporting Mechanism (World Health Organization - AIDS Medicines and Diagnostics Service (AMDS)) contains prices of shipments of pharmaceuticals in an international...
  • Wholesale Trade Energy Use & GHG Emissions 

    Energy & GHG Emissions => Sectors (Transportation, Buildings, Waste) Office of Energy Efficiency
  • Westerbork Radio Telecope Data

    Westerbork Radio Telecope Data in FITS format.
  • World Food Programme - Food Aid Information System

    About From about page: Data on global food aid deliveries in metric tons are from the database of the International Food Aid Information System (INTERFAIS), which was developed...
  • Wessex Archaeology Photographs

    Questo dataset non ha una descrizione

  • Where Are the Cuts Data

    The original website no longer exists, but this package contains a link to the data from http://wherearethecuts.org
  • White House Visitor Access Records

    As part of President Obama's commitment to government transparency, we are providing records of White House visitors on an ongoing basis online.
  • Westminster Council Spending Data for April 2012

    Westminster Council Spending Data for April 2012
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