National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) - Earth Observing Laboratory


From Laboratory profile:

NCAR's Earth Observing Laboratory develops and deploys NSF Lower Atmospheric Observing Facilities (LAOF) and provides field project support and data services needed to advance scientific understanding of the earth system.

EOL employs 175 staff responsible for important advances in scientific and engineering strides in the atmospheric research community. Our teams of scientists, engineers, software engineers and technicians take research further afield to gain a more complete understanding of our earth atmospheric phenomena.


Data is available through CODIAC and the Research Data and Deployment Archive.

Terms of re-use are not entirely clear. Presumed to be open, as recent EOL Data Policy page says:

EOL encourages complete, open access to all NSF-sponsored data sets.

However, another terms of use page says:

The user is granted the right to use this Site for non-commercial, non-profit research, or educational purposes only, without any fee or cost.

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