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Europeana Linked Open Data

The pilot is part of Europeana's ongoing effort of making its metadata available as Linked Open Data on the Web. The site currently contains metadata on 3.5 million texts, images, videos and sounds. These collections come from 10 direct Europeana providers encompassing around 300 cultural institutions from 17 countries. They cover a great variety of heritage objects, such as this 18th-century view of a German landscape from the Polish National Museum in Warsaw, or Neil Robson's memories of the herring business from the Tyne and Wear Archives & Museums.

This gives us an RDF dump containing approximately 185M triples.

Here is an example URI to get started with: D8273664F

White paper:

Data og ressurser


Felt Verdi
Forfatter Bernhard Haslhofer and Antoine Isaac and Stefan Gradmann
Versjon 1.0
links:hungarian-national-library-catalog 136
links:swedish-open-cultural-heritage 100489
shortname Europeana
triples 185000000