Landsat 7 Orthorectified Imagery over Canada

The purpose is to promote the use of geomatics and educate by providing a Web and file transfer protocol (ftp) site that distributes Canada's geospatial data. The objective of the national orthoimage project is to produce a complete set of cloud-free (less than 10%) orthoimages covering the Canadian landmass using Enhanced Thematic Mapper (ETM+) data from the Landsat-7 satellite. Production, which began in fall 2000, will span a period of three to five years.

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Felt Verdi
Forfatter Government of Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Earth Science Sector, Centre for Topographic Information (Sherbrooke)
Vedlikeholdes av Government of Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Centre for Topographic Information (Sherbrooke)
Versjon 1999
department Natural Resources Canada
level_of_government Federal