Geogratis - Population Ecumene Census Division Boundary File (2001 Census), Canada

The population ecumene is disseminated to enable users to thematically map census division data. It enables users to display data where population is concentrated (where there are ecumene pockets) in Canada. Thus, data that describes population characteristics can be assigned to and displayed within the ecumene. The files and surrounding shoreline have been generalized to be suitable for cartographic display at a small scale (1:20,000,000 to 1:25,000,000). The ecumene product consists of three layers: 2001 Population ecumene with integrated census divisions, 2001 Census divisions, 2001 Provinces / territories. Data from the 2001 Census is also included with these files. The ecumene boundary layer includes the following data for census divisions: 2001 census population, Population change between 1996 and 2001, 2001 census population density per square kilometre.

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Автор Government of Canada, Industry Canada, Statistics Canada
Администратор Government of Canada, Industry Canada, Statistics Canada, Statistical Reference Centre
Версия 2001-01-01
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