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UN-LOCODE Codelist

un-locode | files 6 | 52MB

The United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations is a code list mantained by UNECE, United Nations agency, to facilitate trade. Data Data comes from the UNECE page, released at least once a year. The files released in this package are extracted from the mdb archive to preserve UTF-8 explore more

Classification of the Functions of Government

cofog | files 2 | 330kB

Classification of the Functions of Government (COFOG) is a classification defined by the United Nations Statistics Division. Its purpose is to "classify the purpose of transactions such as outlays on final consumption expenditure, intermediate consumption, gross capital formation and capital and explore more

US Investor Flow of Funds into Investment Classes (Bonds, Equities etc)

investor-flow-of-funds-us | files 3 | 60kB

Monthly net new cash flow by US investors into various mutual fund investment classes (equities, bonds etc). Statistics come from the Investment Company Institute (ICI). Data Data comes from the data provided on the ICI Statistics pages, in particular: Summary: Estimated Long-Term Mutual Fund explore more

Population figures for countries, regions (e.g. Asia) and the world

population | files 2 | 3MB

Population figures for countries, regions (e.g. Asia) and the world. Data comes originally from World Bank and has been converted into standard CSV. Data The data is sourced from this World Bank dataset which in turn lists as sources: *(1) United Nations Population Division. World Population explore more

Global CO2 Emissions from Fossil Fuels since 1751

co2-fossil-global | files 2 | 61kB

Global CO2 Emissions from fossil-fuels annually since 1751 till 2014. Data Data comes from the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC). Original csv: Preparation The data was prepared in this Tabularum explore more

10 year US Government Bond Yields (long-term interest rate)

bond-yields-us-10y | files 2 | 66kB

10 year nominal yields on US government bonds from the Federal Reserve. The 10 year government bond yield is considered a standard indicator of long-term interest rates. Data Data comes from the [Release H.15 from the Federal Reserve - Selected Interest Rates Daily][fed] specifically the [10 year explore more

Registry of Core Datasets

registry | files 2 | 58kB

Core data registry and tooling. Registry Registry is maintained as Tabular Data Package with list of datasets in core-list.csv. [tdp]: To add a dataset add it to the core-list.csv - we recommend fork and pull. Discussion of proposals for explore more

Euribor rates

euribor | files 16 | 615kB

Euribor rates by year and granularity. Only monthly granularity is provided. Data Data is taken from the Euribor EU website. Euribor is defined as below > Euribor is short for Euro Interbank Offered Rate. The Euribor rates are based on the interest rates at which a a panel of European banks explore more

Nasa GISS Surface Temperature (GISTEMP) Analysis

global-temp-anomalies | files 3 | 79kB

Nasa GISS Surface Temperature (GISTEMP) Analysis. Four different series are provided: Global Annual Temperature Anomalies (Land) 1880-2014, Global Annual Temperature Anomalies (Land and Ocean) 1880-2014, Hemispheric Temperature Anomalies (Land+ Ocean) 1880-2014 and Annual Temperature anomalies explore more

CO2 PPM - Trends in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

co2-ppm | files 7 | 300kB

CO2 PPM - Trends in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide. Data are sourced from the US Government's Earth System Research Laboratory, Global Monitoring Division. Two main series are provided: the Mauna Loa series (which has the longest continuous series since 1958) and a Global Average series (a global explore more

NYSE and Other Listings

nyse-other-listings | files 3 | 5MB

List of companies in the NYSE, and other exchanges. Data Data and documentation are available on NASDAQ's official webpage. Data is updated regularly on the FTP site. The file used in this repository: Other Exchanges Listed Securities Notes: Company Name is a parsed field using the Security explore more

Annual Consumer Price Index (CPI)

cpi | files 2 | 2MB

Annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) for most countries in the world when it has been measured. The reference year is 2005 (meaning the value of CPI for all countries is 100 and all other CPI values are relative to that year). Data The data comes from The World Bank and is collected from 1960 to explore more

CO2 Emissions from Fossil Fuels since 1751, By Nation

co2-fossil-by-nation | files 2 | 7MB

Per Country CO2 Emissions from fossil-fuels annually since 1751 till 2014. Data Data comes from the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC). original csv: Preparation The data was prepared by the project. You explore more

Media Types

media-types | files 2 | 1MB

This dataset lists all the Media Types (MIME types), Media Subtypes, and their file extensions. Data The details of the Media Types and Media Subtypes are taken from the official registry of Media Types maintained by IANA. The extension details are taken the website of the Apache Software explore more

List of continent codes

continent-codes | files 2 | 4kB

A list of the seven continents with English names and short, unique and permanent identifying codes. Data Data provides list of continents with their two letter codes. Data is made manually, according to several sources from internet, that use this kind of format for continent two letter explore more

Population Growth

population-growth-estimates-and-projections | files 11 | 80MB

Total Population - Both Sexes. De facto population in a country, area or region as of 1 July of the year indicated. Figures are presented in thousands. Data Data comes from United Nations' Population Division datasets. Total population (both sexes combined) by region, subregion and country, explore more

Natural Earth Admin1 Polygons as GeoJSON

geo-admin1-us | files 2 | 142kB

Geodata data package providing geojson polygons for the states in the USA. Data The data comes from Natural Earth, a community effort to make visually pleasing, well-crafted maps with cartography or GIS software at small scale. This dataset covers the United States of America. admin1 are the explore more

Exchange Rates

exchange-rates | files 4 | 37MB

Foreign exchange rates from US Federal Reserve in daily, monthly and yearly basis. Data Data is gathered from Most of the countries have rates for days, months and years, but some only have for months. Some countries have inverted values. Most are compared to USD, and explore more

ISO 6346 Container Type Codes

iso-container-codes | files 3 | 132kB

Coded list of ISO 6346 shipping containers, used in international trade and electronic shipping messages. Data Source of information is from Container Container website ( but multiple other sources of information exist on the explore more

UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

gdp-uk | files 2 | 32kB

UK Real GDP since 1948 from the Office of National Statistics. Data Annual and quarterly data in The GDP measure is a chained volume measure and is seasonally adjusted. Extracted from Preparation Process is recorded explore more

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