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Natural gas prices

natural-gas-prices | files 3 | 592kB
updated 2 years ago

Time series of major Natural Gas Prices including US Henry Hub. Data comes from U.S. Energy Information Administration EIA Data Dataset contains Monthly and Daily prices of Natural gas, starting from January 1997, including April 2016. Prices are in nominal dollars. Prpeartion Go to the scripts explore more


test_push | files 2 | 32kB
updated 2 years ago

Macroeconomic Overview, in Internationally Comparable Prices, by Country/Region and Year

macroeconomic-overview-internationally-comparable-prices | files 13 | 659kB
updated 2 years ago

Datahub metrics

datahub-metrics | files 4 | 302kB
updated 2 years ago

DataHub Metrics This repo automates daily, weekly and biweekly stats collection for Stats are collected from postgre sql database, metastore api sevice, google analytics and gitter. The script also uploads test csv files via data-cli to measure data processing time on website on a explore more

Charges for the use of intellectual property, receipts (BoP, current US$) | files 2 | 2MB
updated 2 years ago

Charges for the use of intellectual property are payments and receipts between residents and nonresidents for the authorized use of proprietary rights (such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial processes and designs including trade secrets, and franchises) and for the use, through explore more


1mb-test | files 2 | 7MB
updated 2 years ago


push_test | files 2 | 83kB
updated 2 years ago


5kb-test | files 2 | 32kB
updated 2 years ago