Набори от данни

  • Open Election Data Project

    This is the official list of registered political parties sourced from the Electoral Commission's website. The Resource URI refers to the linked-data resource URI that should be...
  • OpenDatani

    OpenDataNI seeks to improve access to government information and data, and stimulate creative use of that information/data beyond the walls of government. The information and...
  • Linking Open Drug Data (LODD)

    This project focuses on linking the various sources of drug data together to answer interesting scientific and business questions. The data sets that have been published and...
  • in.fondo.al.mar

    in.fondo.al.mar (under the sea) is an info-visualisation project about a series of sinkings and incidents in the Mediterranean Sea, involving ships which are suspected of having...
  • Department of Labor’s Open Government - US

    Department-of-Labor’s Open-Governmen
  • dataGov-catalog

    Duplicate of package:twi-logd
  • City of Portland Open Data Initiative

    The Open Data Initiative Resource Site of city of Portland, Oregon. All documents and data related to the ODI will be posted here.
  • City-Go-Round

    About: City-Go-Round lists 102 transit agencies with open data. What do citizens get from this new data? Well, app searching on City-Go-Round is now fully functional for New...