Набори от данни

  • Yourtopia-Italy

    This is a dataset we are building together during the Open Economics Hackathon on January 28. It includes indicators of social progress on a regional level in Italy.
  • YourTopia India

    Here we are assembling data resources in order to put together YourTopia India.
  • World Bank Environment

    This is the downloaded dataset of all environmental indicators from the World Bank for the 216 counties and the aggregates.
  • Total government expenditure as percent of GDP (World Economic Outlook)

    A dataset with historical time series of government expenditure as percent of GDP, taken from the World Economic Outlook database.
  • Understanding the Emergence of "Open Science" Institutions

    P. A. David, “Understanding the Emergence of Open Science Institutions: Functionalist Economics in Historical Context,” Industrial and Corporate Change, 13(4), August 2004:...
  • Total Expenditure on Research and Development - Italy

    The R & D is defined as "creative work undertaken systematically in order to increase the stock of knowledge (including knowledge of mankind, culture and society) and to use...
  • Students in tertiary education

    Students in tertiary education as % of the population aged 20-24 years at regional level. Tertiary education includes both programmes which are largely theoretically based and...
  • Schmidt_Shupp_Walker_Ostrom_2003

    David Schmidt, Robert Shupp, James M. Walker, and Elinor Ostrom. 2003. “Playing Safe in Coordination Games: The Roles of Risk Dominance, Payoff Dominance, and History of Play.”
  • Rio de Janeiro Gastos Publicos

    Този набор от данни няма описание

  • Revenue Watch Index Data

    The Revenue Watch Index shows that about three-quarters (29 out of 41) of the countries provide scant or partial information about their extractive sector. This means that...
  • Penn World Table

    The Penn World Table provides purchasing power parity and national income accounts converted to international prices for 189 countries/territories for some or all of the years...
  • Open Access Journals Economics

    Scraped data from the DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals - http://www.doaj.org/doaj?cpid=19&func=subject
  • OE-workshop-Michael-McDonald

    This is the presentation of Michael McDonald during the Open Economics workshop in December 2012.
  • OE-workshop-HP-Brunner

    This is the presentation of Hans-Peter Brunner from the Asian Development Bank at the Open Economics Workshop in December 2012.
  • Number of registered patent applications - Italy

    One of the main output indicators by which we measure the innovative activity of a country is the number of registered patents. These are derived from administrative sources...
  • Italian energy data

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  • Helsinki_Siemens

    The base scenario projects Helsinki’s CO2 emissions in 2030. This scenario was calculated by using Helsinki’s historical emission growth rate and taking into account the impact...
  • Health statistics Italy

    This dataset contains three regional data series of health data on Italy: Infant Mortality Rate, Data source: NOI Italia Satisfaction with Health, Data source: I.Stat Chronic...
  • Gini coefficient in Italy

    Income distribution Inequality The Gini index is a composite measure of the degree of inequality of income distribution and is calculated on the equivalent household income,...
  • Feltovich_ Iwasaki_Oda_2012

    Please cite the papers these data were used for: Feltovich, Nick, Atsushi Iwasaki, and Sobei H. Oda (2012), "Payoff levels, loss avoidance, and equilibrium selection in games...
  • Eurostat - Science, Technology and Innovation

    A dataset including: R&D intensity (NUTS2), Researchers as a percentage of persons employed (NUTS2) Human resources in science and technology by virtue of occupation...
  • Eurostat - Employment rates by sex and age, at NUTS levels 1 and 2 (%) [lfst_...

    The employment rate is calculated by dividing the number of persons aged 20 to 64 in employment by the total population of the same age group. The indicator is based on the EU...
  • Eurostat - At risk of poverty rate - Regional Time Series

    This is the regional times series dataset of the "At-risk-of-poverty" rate by Eurostat - code "ilc_li41".
  • European Cities

    This is compiled dataset of the Eurostat regional yearbook statistics for the NUTS 3 level.
  • Labour Market - Italy

    This dataset contains three regional data series of employment data on Italy: employment youth unemployment long-term unemployment Employment The employment rate is calculated...
  • Early leavers from education and training - Italy

    Early leaver from education and training generally refers to a person aged 18 to 24 who has finished no more than a lower secondary education and is not involved in further...
  • Crawford_Gneezy_Rottenstreich_2008

    Vincent P. Crawford, Uri Gneezy, and Yuval Rottenstreich. 2008. “The Power of Focal Points is Limited: Even Minute Payoff Asymmetry May Yield Large Coordination Failures.” The...
  • Counting Citizen Cyber Scientists

    Този набор от данни няма описание

  • Costa-Gomes_Crawford_Broseta_2001

    Miguel Costa-Gomes, Vincent P. Crawford, and Bruno Broseta. 2001. “Cognition and Behavior in Normal-Form Games: An Experimental Study.” Econometrica, 69(5), pp.1193-1235
  • Costa-Gomes_Crawford_2006

    Miguel Costa-Gomes and Vincent P. Crawford. 2006. “Cognition and Behavior in Two-Person guessing Games: An Experimental Study.” The American Economic Review, 96(5), pp.1737-1768
  • Clark_Sefton_2001

    Kenneth Clark and Martin Sefton. 2001. “Repetition and Signalling: Experimental Evidence from Games with Efficient Equilibria.”
  • Bulgaria Government Spending

    Raw dataset with the expenditure of the Bulgarian government for 1998-2010, values are in levs. Daily budget spending data starting from June 2012. Scraped reports in XML can be...