Property Boundaries Annual Extract Queensland (Lite DCDB)

The Digital Cadastre DataBase (DCDB) is the spatial representation of the property boundaries and the related property descriptions of Queensland. The DCDB provides the map base for systems dealing with land and land related information and provides data in order to generate hard copy map products. This polygon layer is a subset of the complete DCDB, indicating only properties and showing minimal attribute data about the properties. This dataset is a fortnightly copy of Queensland`s Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB).


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Data a zdroje

Doplňující informace

Pole Hodnota
Autor Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management
Správce Tim McNamara
Naposledy aktualizováno Říjen 10, 2013, 19:52
Vytvořeno Červen 13, 2010, 01:41
agency_jurisdiction Queensland (QLD)
agency_name Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management
agency_programme Not specified.
aus_gov_data_id 152
collection_method Not specified
date_last_modified 2009-09-14
date_published 2009-09-14
frequency_of_changes Not specified
geospatial_coverage State of Queensland - Geoname ID 2152274
granularity Not specified
licence_full_name Creative Commons - Attribution 2.5 Australia (CC-BY)
suggested_attribution Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management
temporal_coverage Not specified
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