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The Open Economics project provides open content, data and code related to Economics. This site itself provides interfaces to some (though not all) of the Open Economics datasets and models.

Current datasets (all available as csv):

  • Bank of England Interest Rate
  • CIA World Factbook Data (Various Years)
  • Copyright Registrations in the United States 1790-2000
  • Country and Regional Analyses (CRA) - UK Government Finances
  • Daily Wages of Thatchers in the Middle Ages
  • Distribution of Estimated Patent Values in Various European Countries
  • Gold Prices 1950-2008 (Monthly)
  • Government revenue (for 17 Countries in the period 1880-1913)
  • Gross value added at basic prices: Output Index: CVM SA
  • Hard Drive Capacities and Costs (1955-2000)
  • Income Distribution in Hamburg for Occupied Persons in 1890
  • Millenium Development Goals Dataset
  • Monthly stock price, dividends, and earnings data and the consumer price index from January 1871
  • Number of Published Articles in Economics (1970-2006)
  • Patents Enrolled in England 1660-1799
  • Penn World Table of PPP and National Income Accounts
  • Population, Landscape and Climate Estimates
  • Recorded Music Sales 1969-2004 Worldwide (in millions)
  • UK Government Finances - Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses
  • UK House Price Data
  • UK Population Estimates 1520 to 1851
  • UK Price Index 1850-2002 (Annual)
  • US Population Estimates (mid year) 1790 to 2005
  • US Wheat Production and Prices
  • USA Employment status of the civilian noninstitutional population, 1940 to date
  • W3Schools Browser Statistics (Monthly)
  • Wheat, barley, oat, mutton and wool prices, and agricultural wages, 1500-1849 (10 year averages 1700-49 = 100)
  • World Population Historical

We are in the process of merging this data catalog in CKAN (so each dataset will become a package on CKAN).


All Open Economics datasets are openly licensed though not always possible to gauge status of underlying data used. Individual datasets have more information about their license status.

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