Police budget spending

All budget funded public organizations in Bulgaria are obliged to publish daily reports of fund transfers and payments. These reports should specify general reason for payment (salaries, loan repayments, support, etc.), but don't contain individual sums, beneficiaries or specific reason for payment (e.g. procurement, settlement). Also, there's no defined format, in which these reports should be published. Some provide Excel sheets, some screenshots, but most put PDFs on their pages.

The following scraping and visualization project focuses on the data of the Interior Ministry. It came into focus after tens of thousands of policemen and -woman were transferred from all over the country to the capital to counter the massive anti-government protests. Questions were raised how were they paid and how much did the unnecessary police pressure cost the budget.

Police spending dashboard

The dashboard above allows combing though the data with regard to period, reason and department which issued the payment. Patterns already emerge when it comes to certain payments. For example, there's more than a 160-fold increase in "unspecified" spending with the new cabinet. The filters in the dashboard can be hotlinked though the URL. It was created using D3.js, Crossfilter and DC.js. Source is in GitHub.

The data is scraped daily and converted in CSV files with reports for each department. The dataset can be downloaded as a ZIP file.

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