UK House Price Data (Consolidated)

A consolidated dataset of all the main UK monthly house price datasets with additional calculations.



  • CLG Table A2 - Not seasonally adjusted
  • Nationwide - UK Monthly Indices - Post '91 - Not seasonally adjusted
  • Lloyds Banking Group/ Halifax - Historical House Price Data - Seasonally adjusted and non-seasonally adjusted.

Notes when interpreting these datasets.

  1. Some indices are adjusted for the mix of properties in the sample, others are not.
  2. Indices are based on data sources with different levels of geographical coverage. It depends on where the provider gets data from: i.e. mortgage approvals, the land registry, etc.
  3. Some of the series have been adjusted for seasonality, others have not. Seasonally adjusted figures are presented on a different worksheet to non-seasonally adjusted figures.

Some excellent notes on how different property price indices are compiled and should be interpreted are available from Eurostat:


Licensed under PDDL for my contribution. Source datasets status is slightly unclear (see the source dataset pages).

Registers of Scotland and CLG data are Crown Copyright

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