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WeatherbaseSM is your one authoritative source for finding monthly weather records and averages for more than 16,439 cities worldwide. Climatological information is one of the most sought-after areas of weather information by Internet users. It can be used for advance event planning, finding vacation spots, and simply to satisfy curiosity.

WeatherbaseSM also offers a comprehensive weather resource center, including a weather glossary and our Vacation Finder, a unique planning technology that finds places to go based on the average weather in cities worldwide.

Data Sources

Our weather information is collected from a variety of public domain sources, including the National Climatic Data Center. At WeatherbaseSM, we've gone a step further, "normalizing" the data to make it uniform and associating each of our locations with the nearest city or town. You will find no confusing weather station information on WeatherbaseSM.

Our weather glossary includes more than 500 common and uncommon weather terms. The glossary was compiled from a variety of sources, including the National Weather Service's Monterey Bay office and the TAMMI definitions server. You'll find our glossary to be an easy-to-use compilation of these sources.


WeatherbaseSM is available for both data licensing and co-branding opportunities. If you are interested in integrating WeatherbaseSM on your site, please contact Jennifer L. Canty.

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