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Data exposed: Yale Senselab Size of dump and data set: 216 KB Notes: released without contract

> The Semantic Web development of SenseLab involves exporting data from NeuronDB, ModelDB, and BrainPharm to RDF and/or OWL format. The overall goal is to facilitate neuroscience data aggregation, integration, and reasoning using Semantic Web technologies.

> This project is part of the current and ongoing SenseLab effort including the following SenseLab team members: Kei Cheung, Huajun Chen, Ernest Lim, Matthias Samwald, Peter Masiar, Luis Marenco, Tom Morse, Nian Liu, Chiquito Crasto, Perry Miller, and Gordon Shepherd.


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Fuente http://neuroweb.med.yale.edu/senselab/
Autor Kei Cheung
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Creado Octubre 27, 2009, 19:02 (Etc/UTC)
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