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  • UK Public Bodies

    Looking for a list of all UK public bodies, including but not limited to: Departments Agencies Non-departmental public bodies Local...
  • Linked Data at data.gov.uk

    This package provides an overview of the data available through the United Kingdom's data.gov.uk project in Linked Data format. Since data.gov.uk is a work in progress, all...
  • COINS Programme Objects and Programme Object Groups

    Programme Objects and Programme Object Groups used in COINS and CRA together with their definitions. Obtained under FOIA so license not clear (Crown Copyright by default).
  • Catálogo de información pública

    About Catalogue of Spain's public sector information. Areas covered The catalogue covers the following information agencies. English titles have been generated by Google...
  • Brazilian Politicians

    Linked Data from brazilian politicians including personal data, election data, disclosure of assets, parliamentary data, leaderships, missions, mandates, clearances, speeches,...
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