The Environmental Applications Reference Thesaurus (EARTh) has been compiled and is maintained by the CNR-IIA-EKOLab to facilitate the indexing, retrieval, harmonizing and integration of human- and machine-readable environmental information from disparate sources, across the cultural and linguistic barriers. Ownership of such material always remains with the CNR-IIA-EKOLab.

EARTh has been firstly made available as linked data as an activity within the European Project NatureSDIPlus (ECP-2007-GEO-317007). It is currently maintained in the context of LusTRE, a framework under development within the EU project eENVplus (CIP-ICT-PSP grant No. 325232) that aims at combining existing thesauri to support the management of environmental resources. LusTRE considers the heterogeneity in scopes and levels of abstraction of environmental thesauri as an asset when managing environmental data, it exploits linked data best practices SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) and RDF (Resource Description Framework) in order to provide a multi-thesauri solution for INSPIRE data themes related to the environment.

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Kenttä Arvo
Laatija Paolo Plini (CNR-IIA-EKOLab)
Ylläpitäjä Riccardo Albertoni (CNR-IMATI-GE), Monica De Martino (CNR-IMATI-GE)
Versio Linked Data 1.4, 2013-06-04
Viimeksi päivitetty 20. marraskuu 2014, 12.37
Luotu 6. syyskuu 2010, 10.31
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links:dbpedia 1862
links:eurovoc-in-skos 1346
links:gemet 4365
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links:umthes 2970
shortname EARTh
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