Europeana Linked Open Data

All Europeana datasets can be explored, accessed and downloaded through the Europeana API at The data is represented in the Europeana Data Model (EDM). The described resources are each addressable and dereferenceable by their URIs; for instance, leads either to an HTML page on the Europeana portal for the object it identifies or to raw, machine-processable data on this object. The data can be downloaded in JSON or RDF.

Data ja resurssit


Kenttä Arvo
Laatija Valentine Charles
Ylläpitäjä Valentine Charles
Viimeksi päivitetty 8. helmikuu 2017, 09:45 (Etc/UTC)
Luotu 28. tammikuu 2015, 08:30 (Etc/UTC)
Last update 2015-07-13
Number of entities 43356557
Number of triples 1806753903
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comments powered by Disqus