Federal Reserve Economic Data

Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) containing over 40,000 free US-related data series.


Can browse data or download in bulk from .

Details of the structure of the file structure at http://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/newcategoryzipfileformat



Python wrapper: https://github.com/zachwill/fred

Openness: NOT OPEN (?)

This response to related IsItOpen question states:

Please refer to the legal disclaimer notice posted on FRED regarding the use and distribution of data made available by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (http://research.stlouisfed.org/legal.html). Data contained in FRED is only for personal or informational use and cannot be used for commercial purposes. You may redistribute the data for free, but a subscription-based service would not be permitted. A link to the FRED site may also be created, but use of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis or FRED logo or web site banner is restricted (and under trademark/copyright).

Most of the data available on FRED are in the public domain, with the sources of the data are either a Federal Government agency or the Federal Reserve Board. There may be some series on FRED, such as the Moody's AAA or BAA interest rates, S&P 500 index, that the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has arranged to redistribute with the source and may be protected by a copyright. Copyright notice does appear in the data information. Use of these series must be negotiated with the originating source.

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