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"Eurostat’s mission is to provide the European Union with a high-quality statistical information service."

Very large amount of data on a wide variety of European statistics.

There are currently over 5000 gzipped data files in tsv (tab separated values), dft and SDMX-ML (XML) formats at:


Themes are:

  • General and regional statistics
  • Economy and finance]
  • Population and social conditions
  • Industry, trade and services
  • Agriculture and fisheries
  • External trade
  • Transport
  • Environment and energy
  • Science and technology

Openness: OPEN


Bulk access is available (registration is not required):

An RDF version of the country codes, NUTS geographical areas, and Eurostat legal acts list is available as:

Third-party RDF conversions of various timeliness and quality are available as:

Note that Eurostat data are updated very frequently: third-party sites will not have the latest version of the data unless they are updated every day.


Eurostat allows free use and re-use of data, include re-use for commercial purposes, with a few specific exceptions which are explained here


Note that the Eurostat microdata datasets are not open (from linked page):

> Microdata are confidential data which contain information about individual statistical units.

>The current legal framework enables access to anonymised microdata available at Eurostat only for scientific purposes.

>Specific conditions on how to obtain microdata can be found under each section on the left.

>The following microdata sets exist:

> * ECHP (European Community Household Panel) > * LFS (Labour Force Survey) > * CIS (Community Innovation Survey) > * AES (Adult Education Survey) > * EU-SILC (European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions) > * SES (Structure of Earnings Survey) > * FSS (Farm Structure Survey)

>The above mentioned sets are being disseminated except for FSS, which will follow in due course.

>Additional information will be announced at this website when available.

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