MuseoTorino API

MuseoTorino is the largest and official dataset of City of Turin (Torino, Italy) heritage assets. With this API layer, all the data inside MuseoTorino are accessible to everyone.

The city is rappresented as a open-air museum, and its collection is constituited by all tha momuments, historycal and modern builds, churches and all the other city assets.

All the data are internally rappresented like a graph, so all the objects are linked to other by arguments, categories and semantic concepts in general.

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Producteur 21Style s.a.s. | Torino | Italy
Mainteneur Gian Luca Farina Perseu
Version 1.0 Alpha
Dernière modification 2013 Octobre 10 23:01 (Etc/UTC)
Créé le 2011 Mai 3 12:06 (Etc/UTC)
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