This package contrains a tabular source file with an abbreviation and name for US States, a RDF file in Turtle syntax generated after using GRefine + DERI RDF extensions reconciliation against the SPARQL endpoint to determine the identity URI for each state, and finally the editing history of how the original tabular data was mapped to the output RDF data, contributing to the overall provenance (to include the CKAN History).

Each tag given has also been identified with an URI that defines it's intended use or relation semantics as a predicate key or it's value as a Subject/Object. For example, the /dataset/states has a 'primaryTopic' key with a 'State' value, where the predicate and State URI's have been given.

This package was created using the CKAN Google Refine extension from DERI.

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Producteur George Thomas
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Dernière modification Octobre 10, 2013, 23:44 (UTC)
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