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  • Science Fun with Children

    The sound of thunder is produced by rapidly heated air surrounding lightning which expands faster than the speed of sound. When traveling through water, sound moves around four...
  • ScienceWise

    ScienceWise is a collaboration portal for scientists. It allows to tag papers from Arxiv with a manually curated set of concepts. These concepts are described with definitions...
  • What's a Stair raise?

    By Flemming Andersen A stairway raise is something that more and more people are getting put in their homes. This is likely to help people who can not get around like they once...
  • schools

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  • Science Commons

    Data exposed: A bridging ontology, from Science Commons, importing other ontologies used in the prototype, defining classes and relations used to represent gene records and...
  • Just how to Overhaul Your Bedroom on a Small Budget

    Has your room remained the same for the last 20 years? Do you want to create it in-to an enjoyable, cool room, but without purchasing new furniture? We have ideas for you to do...
  • School Bus Energy Use & GHG Emissions

    Energy & GHG Emissions => Sectors (Transportation, Buildings, Waste) Office of Energy Efficiency
  • school

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  • scholarly_communication

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  • Advantages of a Web-based Site Builder

    You'll find so many possibilities in regards to building the websites. One of the first choices you'll need to make is whether to use an online or offline site builder. Site...
  • Scholarly Data

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  • Schmidt_Shupp_Walker_Ostrom_2003

    David Schmidt, Robert Shupp, James M. Walker, and Elinor Ostrom. 2003. “Playing Safe in Coordination Games: The Roles of Risk Dominance, Payoff Dominance, and History of Play.”
  • Schemes of Teleportation with Six-qubit Cluster State

    In this paper, we have proposed a quantum state teleportation of an arbitrary two-qubit state using non-maximally entangled six-qubit Cluster state as channel. The first scheme...
  • Schéma directeur de la statistique du Sénégal

    Un Peuple Un But Une Foi SCHEMA DIRECTEUR DE LA STATISTIQUE DU SENEGAL (Stratégie Nationale de Développement de la Statistique) 2008 2013 RAPPORT PRINCIPAL...
  • SCface

    From the website SCface is a database of static images of human faces. Images were taken in uncontrolled indoor environment using five video surveillance cameras of various...
  • Scheduled Monuments in Scotland

    Scheduled Monuments in Scotland
  • How To Make An Espresso?

    Coffee drinks are the taste of numerous tongues. Clicking a guide to best water softener perhaps provides cautions you can tell your co-worker. Certainly coffee lovers want...
  • Schedules of Public Transport of Athens

    Contains the schedule of Public Transport of Athens. The data include stops and routes for buses, trolley, subway, tram, metro and suburban rail. The data are provided in...
  • Choosing The Right Alcohol & Drug Rehab Facility

    One of the greatest ways t.. It is important that you decide on a service that will best suit the requirements of the person in need of treatment, when you're trying to find an...
  • Statistics Sweden (SCB): Classification of Economic Activities in Sweden (SNI)

    A vocabulary for the statistical classification of economic activities in Sweden (Svensk Näringsgrensindelning - SNI).
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