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  • Scottish Neighborhood Statistics

    This internet site is the main way in which the Scottish Government will disseminate the range of small area statistics including information on health, education, poverty,...
  • Scottish Parliament MSP Allowances

    MSPs' Expenses and Expenditure
  • Scotland National Address Gazetteer

    National Address Gazetteer
  • Scottish Natural Spaces

    Natural Spaces provides an online data download facility giving access to a wide range of datasets including protected areas, habitats and species, landscape, open space and...
  • Scottish Local Government Financial Statistics

    Scottish Local Government Financial Statistics
  • Scotlands Places

    You can now find information about Scottish places past and present, selected from the holdings of the partner organisations. This includes digital copies of: Maps and plans of...
  • Scottish Government Consultations

    Scottish Government Consultations
  • Scottish Government expenditure over £25,000

    Details of Scottish Government items of expenditure over £25,000
  • Scottish Government Statistics

    Top level of part of the Scottish Government website for the Statistics section. Statistical tables on various topics. Replicates some of the information available through the...
  • Scotland's Information Landscape

    Scotland's Information Landscape is a distributed information infrastructure for Scotland.

    various business indexes and news snippets
  • Scotlands Images

    SCOTLANDSIMAGES.COM is a new images resource drawn from Scotland's national collections, making available for licensed usage selected images from our contributors' extensive,...
  • Scottish Government Disclosure of High Earners

    Disclosure of High Earners The Scottish Government now publishes a list of names, job titles and salaries of high earners (those earning £150,000 or more per year) in Scottish...
  • Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics

    Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics is the Scottish Governments route to disseminate the range of small area statistics including information on health, education, poverty,...
  • ScotXed

    Education statistics and related vocabularies
  • The Digital Agenda Scoreboard of the European Commission

    European Commission services have selected around 60 indicators, divided into thematic groups, which illustrate some key dimensions of the European information society.
  • Science Fun with Children

    The sound of thunder is produced by rapidly heated air surrounding lightning which expands faster than the speed of sound. When traveling through water, sound moves around four...
  • ScienceWise

    ScienceWise is a collaboration portal for scientists. It allows to tag papers from Arxiv with a manually curated set of concepts. These concepts are described with definitions...
  • What's a Stair raise?

    By Flemming Andersen A stairway raise is something that more and more people are getting put in their homes. This is likely to help people who can not get around like they once...
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