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  • Open Flood Risk by Postcode

    Open Flood Risk by Postcode English postcodes and the Environment Agency's risk level for the area that postcode falls within. Fields postcode FID PROB_4BAND SUITABILITY...
  • 'Climate Just' data

    The 'Climate Just' Map Tool shows the geography of England’s vulnerability to climate change at a neighbourhood scale. The Climate Just Map Tool shows which places may be...
  • Properties in Floodplain

    Number of properties in a floodplain and those with a significant risk of flooding. NAFRA - National Flood Risk Assessment. There are 3 risk categories: (i) low - 0.5% (1 in...
  • UK Flooding data

    Discussed at Workshop on Public Information, 2008-11-02.
  • India flood reports

    Current flood reports
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