Jeux de données

  • Fact Forge

    FactForge represents a reason-able view to the web of data. It aims to allow users to find resources and facts based on the semantics of the data, like web search engines index...
  • ScienceWise

    ScienceWise is a collaboration portal for scientists. It allows to tag papers from Arxiv with a manually curated set of concepts. These concepts are described with definitions...
  • An organization ontology

    Dave Reynolds (Epimorphics Ltd)
  • IDS Wrapper

    This wrapper serves an RDF export of part of the content provided by the Institute of Development Studies.
  • GoogleArt wrapper

    The GoogleArtProject is a place to explore museums from around the world, seeing and learning about the artwork they contain. It is a cool service, offering very high res images...
  • Eventseer

    This server generates Linked Data versions of the data present on