ZOPA Market Interest Rate and Risk Data

Data on interest rate and risk (default rates) at ZOPA, the peer-to-peer marketplace for money.


Downloaded directly from ZOPA's website (see home page url).

  • Expected Lifetime Bad Debt Rate - the prediction for bad debt in the lifetime of the loan per market
  • Expected Annual Bad Debt Rate - the prediction for bad debt, annualised to determine impact on annual return
  • Loan Value in Market - the total value of loans within each market
  • Loans in Arrears - the value of loans currently going through the arrears collections process - these may reduce with borrower payments
  • Defaults and arrears: assumes 50% of arrears are recovered
  • Defaulted Loans - the value of loans that have gone through the arrears collection process, and have now been purchased by our collections agency

Bad debt rates for all time are estimated ('expected').

Openness: Open (?)

Data is publicly available on their website and no explicit restrictions are stated but there is also no explicit license.

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