2006 Agricultural Ecumene Census Division Boundary File

This boundary file delineates areas of significant agricultural activity in Canada as indicated by the 2006 Census of Agriculture. The agricultural ecumene enables users to thematically map data aggregated to the census division level and limits the data display to those areas where agricultural activity is concentrated in Canada. Geographic Information System software is required for creating the thematic maps. Software is not provided with the product.

This product consists of three boundary files: (1) the agricultural ecumene (with integrated census division polygons), (2) all census divisions in Canada and (3) the provinces and territories. These boundary files are greatly generalized and are suitable for small-scale mapping only. They are not positionally consistent with either the Census Agricultural Regions Boundary File or any of Geography Division’s Cartographic Boundary File products. Please consult the Reference Guide for more information on this product.

Reference Guide at: http://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/92-175-g/92-175-g2007000-eng.htm

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소스 http://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/92-175-x/92-175-x2007000-eng.htm
저자 Statistics Canada
관리자 Industry Canada
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department Statistics Canada
level_of_government Federal
temporal_coverage-from 2006
temporal_coverage-to 2006
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