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Datasets 5

Seismic bumps

seismic-bumps | files 2 | 2MB

This is dataset about seismic bumps occurrences. This dataset contains csv file in which is only header and data rows with no additional information about the dataset. Data Dataset is gathered from seismic-bumps Data Set The data describe the problem of high energy (higher than 10^4 J) seismic explore more

Breast cancer

breast-cancer | files 2 | 109kB

This is a dataset about breast cancer occurences. Data This dataset is taken from OpenML - breast-cancer This breast cancer domain was obtained from the University Medical Centre, Institute of Oncology, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia. Thanks go to M. Zwitter and M. Soklic for providing the data. Please explore more

Cervical cancer

cervical-cancer | files 2 | 946kB

This is dataset about cervical cancer occurrences. Cervical cancer is one the most frequent cancer diseases that occur to women. This dataset is showing some factors that might influence cervical cancer. Data This dataset was found on UCI under the name Cervical cancer (Risk Factors) Data explore more

Primary tumor

primary-tumor | files 2 | 180kB

This is a dataset about primary tumors in people. Locations of primary tumors are locations in body where the tumor first appeared and from there started to metastasize to other parts of the body. Data This dataset was found on OpenML - primary-tumor This primary tumor domain was obtained from explore more


fertility | files 2 | 28kB

This is dataset containing fertility instances. Data This dataset was found under the name Fertility Data Set 100 instances 10 attributes Missing values : NO Data is located in directory called data data/fertility.csv Attributes are the same as they were in input data. Preparation To get explore more