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  • swissjazzorama

    The Swiss Jazz archive calls itself SwissJazzOrama (SJO). Founded 1989 in Rheinfelden as "Pro Jazz Switzerland", it has been located in Uster near Zurich since 1998....
  • Saúde - Olinda

    Dados relativos as Unidades de Saúde e Agentes de Saúde da Prefeitura de Olinda
  • Turismo - Olinda

    Conjuntos de Dados Relativo a informações do turismo de Olinda
  • OpenAIRE LOD in Beta version

    The OpenAIRE Linked Open Data (LOD) Services and their integration with the OpenAIRE information space is initially released as a beta version. This dataset represents beta...
  • Indonesia Regional Election Candidates KPU 2015

    The latest regional elections data we scraped and cleaned from Indonesia's Electoral Commision's website
  • OLAC Metadata

    Metadata of linguistic resources participating in Open Language Archives Community.
  • Mapy bez bariér

    The dataset of building accessibility data was created within the project Maps without Barriers realized under Charta 77 Foundation – Barriers Account. It is based on the Object...
  • statspace

    This metadata repository describes the data sets made available by ten different publishers in a uniform manner.
  • Hospital Activity

    Accident and Emergency attendances (Nobles A&E and Ramsey Minor Injuries Unit), Hospital Admissions (includes day cases), Consultant Led Outpatient Attendances
  • Registered Electors

    2011 Q1 - 2016 Q1
  • Life Expectancy at birth

    Life Expectancy at birth re male, female (2014)
  • Mortality Rates

    Infant Mortality, Causes Considered Preventable, Cardiovascular Disease (Age < 75 years), Cancer (Age < 75 years) per 100,000 population
  • Health Professionals

    General Practioners , Dentists (Public), Dentists (Private), Opticians, District Nurses, Health Visitors, Podiatrists, Speech Therapists and Pharmacists
  • Primary Health

    FTE General Practitioners, Registered Patients, Average Patients per GP (UK average 1500), Patients Age > 65 years
  • Births and Deaths

    births and deaths
  • Census Population

    1951, 1961, 1966 (interim), 1971, 1976 (interim), 1981, 1986 (interim), 1991, 1996 (interim), 2001, 2006 (interim) and 2011
  • Emergency Calls Ambulance

    999 ambulance calls, GP calls, air ambulance transfers
  • Road Traffic Injuries

    Fatalities, Serious Injuries and Slight Injuries
  • History of Health Sciences in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

    A Repository of Digital Information on the History of Health Sciences in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.
  • U.S. Statistical Abstract

    Since 1878, the Statistical Abstract serves as the official federal summary of statistics and provides over 1,400 tables of benchmark measures on the demographic, housing,...
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