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Update: Replaced by AidData

AIDA is now replaced by Aid Data


From website:

> AiDA is the largest online directory of development activities. This inventory offers a quick overview of who is doing what in international development, where they are doing it, and with what funds. Information may not reflect all activities or most recent activities.


Terms and Conditions state that:

> The Development Gateway Foundation Portal and the Development Gateway Resources Portal contain information, text, graphics, software, and other content (the "Site Content"). The Site Content is protected under the copyright laws of the United States and of other countries. Unless indicated otherwise on the Site Content, we ask that you contact us at for permission for any reproduction, modification, or distribution of such Site Content. Some Site Content has been submitted by the Development Gateway Foundation's partners, Users, and by third parties, and may be subject to more specific restrictions, as indicated on such Site Content.

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