UK Government Departments 25k Spending

Consolidated departmental spending data (over 25k) from the UK Government.


We consolidate and clean up the raw data found on via this query:

There are lots of separate datasets (one for each department each month in some cases).

Each source data file is supposed to conform to the schema listed in this document (Chapter 3 "Publication Content" p.11 onwards). The fields are:

  • Department family
  • Entity Name
  • Date
  • Expense type
  • Expense area
  • Supplier
  • Expense type
  • Transaction number
  • Amount
  • Description
  • Supplier Postcode (*)
  • Supplier type (*)
  • Contract Number (*)
  • Project code (*)
  • Expenditure type (*)
  • VAT Registration Number

(*) items are recent additions.

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