British National Bibliography (BNB) - Linked Open Data

British National Bibliography (BNB) published as Linked Data by the British Library, linked to external sources including: VIAF, ISNI, LCSH, Lexvo, GeoNames, MARC country, and language, Published to this data model for books; this data model for serials and this data model for forthcoming books (

Current release of approximately 3.9 million descriptions (146,901,135 triples) of books (including monographs published over time); forthcoming books and serials published in the UK over the last 60 years.The dataset, covering UK publications since 1950, is updated monthly.

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Campo Valor
Autor The British Library Metadata Services
Mantenedor [email protected]
Última Atualização 13 de Julho de 2017, 13:57 (UTC)
Criado 20 de Julho de 2011, 09:32 (UTC)
links:ddc (books) 222110
links:ddc (forthcoming books) 100687
links:ddc (serials) 29263
links:isni (books) 775485
links:isni (forthcoming books) 273293
links:isni (serials) 7592
links:lcsh (books) 142026
links:lcsh (forthcoming books) 83189
links:lcsh (serials) 18642
links:viaf (books) 1127476
links:viaf (forthcoming books) 359437
links:viaf (serials) 22286
shortname BNB
triples 146901135
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