Statistics Denmark



> StatBank Denmark contains detailed statistical information on the Danish society.

> The database is free of charge and data can be exported in several file formats and presented as diagrams or maps.


Areas include:

  • Population and elections
  • Education and culture
  • Labour market
  • Earnings
  • Social conditions, health and justice
  • Income, consumption and prices
  • General economic statistics
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Construction and housing
  • Service sector
  • Transport
  • Environment and energy
  • External trade
  • National accounts, balance of payments and international investment position
  • Public finance
  • Money and capital market


Seems as though its open as long as source is acknowledged. Notice says:

> When making use of the material submitted Statistics Denmark - or other data supplier shall be stated as the source in accordance with established custom and to the extent conditioned by the purpose.

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