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From the email excerpted on Peter Murray-Rust's blog:

> Hi Dr. Murray-Rust, > > I'm a student in Joel Sussman's lab at the Weizmann Insitute of > Science. Joel, Jaime Prilusky and I have developed Proteopedia, a > new online tool/database with the overall goal of making structural > biology clearer for chemists and biologists by linking textual > content to 3D structures. > > (It's best explained by clicking the green links on the main page at > > > We came across your article "Chemistry for everyone", and felt we > should share Proteopedia with you as we subscribe to the same belief > system of open scientific databases accessible to scientists, non- > scientists, and machines. > > We would very much be interested in your opinion of Proteopedia, and > if you would be interested in a userid/password to edit some pages, > we would be very please. > > Joel wanted me to send you his best regards, and to pass along that > he is currently abroad and have poor email contact. > > Best regards, > Eran Hodis

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