Stations and bus-stops of the Athens Public Transport

Contains the positions of stops and stations of Public Transport (7935 points). The points include stops and stations of buses, trolleys, trams, metro and suburban rail. There are also information such as the name of the stop / station and the name od the street in which is located.
The users are warned that the supplied data are referred to the date of their production, which is July 8, 2011. The data can be alterer frequently (P.T. stops almost daily) and not be completely updated at the time of use. Moreover, the geographical accuracy of the data is limited, since the digitization hasn't been made with accurate topographic mapping, but based on purely descriptive data (e.g. the side of the O.T., which includes a stop). Therefore, accurate surveying of stops may be indicative of the order of ± 20 meters in urban areas (where there is clear and relatively small sized O.T.) and more than ± 50 meters in suburban areas (where O.T. are not clear or too large). Therefore, these data may not be suitable for all applications. OASA reserves the right to change the entities to which referred the data at any time, withiut notice and is not responsible of any errors or damages resulting from improper or inappropriate use or other cause. Current information on the transportation network and the regular or extraordinary changes is available from OASA by phone (tel. 185), in written form or through the website

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