TCMGeneDIT Dataset

Data exposed: Traditional Chinese medicine, gene and disease association dataset and a linkset mapping TCM gene symbols to Extrez Gene IDs created by Neurocommons

Size of dump and data set: 288kb compressed

Notes: Creative Commons with Attributions

Dados e recursos

Informações Adicionais

Campo Valor
Autor Jun Zhao
Última Atualização 17 de Dezembro de 2013, 19:39
Criado 27 de Outubro de 2009, 19:02
links:dbpedia 1400
links:entrez_gene 944
links:fu-berlin-dailymed 21
links:fu-berlin-diseasome 376
links:fu-berlin-drugbank 385
links:fu-berlin-sider 171
links:linkedct 141
triples 117643
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