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Openly Local :: Making Local Government More Transparent

The project provides a unified way of accessing UK Local Government information. It has information on (as per 2011-12-03):

  • 163 councils
  • 11,418 councillors
  • 6,728 committees
  • 77,830 committee meetings
  • 498 hyperlocal sites
  • 44,855 documents
  • Over 270,956 pieces of data
  • 2,368,794 financial transactions

Most of the data is accessible as XML, JSON and RDF through a simple API (just add .json or .xml to the URL). There is also a Google Gadget, an app for Hyperlocal sites using Ning, and a javascript widget.


  • Open. CC-BY-SA and ODbL. See license info page.
  • No bulk download though API access to most of the underlying data.

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