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  • NASA Space Flight & Astronaut data in RDF

    Description Conversion of various NASA datasets into RDF, starting with the spacecraft data from the NSSDC master catalog. This dataset consists of a conversion of the NASA...
  • data.NASA

    A catalogue with over 500 datasets relating to NASA's missions.
  • NASA - Multimedia

    About Images, video and audio from NASA. Re-use/openness All material is in the public domain. See copyright statement and photo guidelines for further details.
  • NASA Images

    About A project of NASA and the Internet Archive. From the About page: NASA Images is a service of Internet Archive ( www.archive.org ), a non-profit library, to offer public...
  • MRO HiRISE Press Release Images

    scrape of press release images that have a 1280 px size
  • Multimission Archive at STScI (MAST)

    From the website: The Multimission Archive at [the Space Telescope Science Institute] is a NASA funded project to support and provide to the astronomical community a variety of...
  • GEO-Portal

    GEO-Portal provides access to remote sensing data. It is a vast database that focuses on providing data specific for public goods, notably Disasters Health Energy Climate Water...
  • The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth

    A database of all photographs and related data from or about space from 1961 collected by NASA. It includes data from the International Space Station, NASA's Earth Observatory...
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