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Simple Graph Spec Tutorial

simple-graph-spec | files 1 | 41kB

This is an example Data Package, that demonstrates how to build the simple and nice graphs using the "Simple Graph Spec". We are using CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) time-series dataset for 2015-2016 as an example to create line and bar charts. Views We assume that you are familiar with what explore more

israel_selected_crimes_2012_2015 | files 1 | 326MB

sources/selected-crimes-local-authorities-2012-2015-* Collection of data about Israeli Police events by local authorities and collection of selected crimes. Data source: Contains data for years 2012-2015. Overview Contains 4 XLS (see in sources explore more

CNPP Food Prices Database 2003-2004

cnpp-food-prices-database-2003-2004 | files 1 | 421kB

Vega Graph Spec Tutorial - US presidents

vega-views-tutorial-lines | files 3 | 5kB

This is an example dataset, that demonstrates how to build visualizations using the "Vega Graph Spec". We are using lifelines of the first 5 presidents of the US - one of the examples from vega editor - and displaying it here, on DataHub with small modifications in vega-spec. Views We assume that explore more

Health Insurance Plans Unified Rate Review PUF 2015

health-insurance-plans-unified-rate-review-puf-2015 | files 2 | 687MB

Farm Management Survey- SPSS data set

farm-survey-simple | files 2 | 105MB

CPI Of New Single Family Houses Under Construction Based On 2005 Price

cpi-of-new-single-family-houses-under-construction-based-on-2005-price | files 2 | 105kB

Occurrence Of Firearm Discharge

occurrence-of-firearm-discharge | files 2 | 5kB

NYS Mathematics Exam

nys-mathematics-exam | files 2 | 126kB

Brooklyn Public Library Catalog

brooklyn-public-library-catalog | files 2 | 814MB

eg-kind-chipmunk-20 | files 2 | 2kB

Mammography Data from Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium

mammography-data-from-breast-cancer-surveillance-consortium | files 2 | 47MB

sample-2sheets-chatty-baboon-56 | files 3 | 19kB

sample-2sheets-popular-cougar-90 | files 2 | 10kB

sample-simple-rotten-snake-18 | files 2 | 10kB

Global Average Absolute Sea Level Change, 1880-2014

sea-level-rise | files 6 | 277kB

Global Average Absolute Sea Level Change, 1880-2014 from the US Environmental Protection Agency using data from CSIRO, 2015; NOAA, 2015. This data contains "cumulative changes in sea level for the world’s oceans since 1880, based on a combination of long-term tide gauge measurements and recent explore more

NYC Social Media Usage

nyc-social-media-usage | files 2 | 3MB

New York City Leading Causes of Death

new-york-city-leading-causes-of-death | files 2 | 445kB

invalid-data-encoding | files 2 | 2kB

sample-2sheets-sweet-bobcat-23 | files 4 | 28kB